The Software

Product Review

the overseas election system focuses on all the data that the election business needs to record and store, including the information related to staffs, voters, ballot papers, equipment and other election elements. It also involves business process control, such as the processes of review and approval and information release. With these elements integrated into a unified information system by order, users can effectively manage, organize and implement common direct election activities.

The overseas election background service system mainly provides functions including authority management, election configuration, ballot management, election equipment management, voter management, election management, report output and election review.

Product Features

1.Authority Management
To control the authority of the election system, it requires to set one or more super users with the capability of creating users with different roles. Those users are endowed with different access rights to the system. For example, the election configuration personnel have the authority to create elections and configure constituencies. As the user level is associated with the administrative level, national users can access all data in the country, while users below the national level can only operate the data corresponding with their administrative levels.

2.Election Configuration
The function of election configuration ensures the initial data configuration of the election, including sub functions as the management of administrative regions, constituencies, voting stations, and ballot papers.

3.Ballot management
With the function of ballot management, ballot papers and election rules can be set according to different administrative levels. Therefore, candidate information of the corresponding administrative level can be managed and ballot papers of the proposal or motion can be created.

4.Election Equipment Management
The function of equipment management is used for the maintenance and management of device being able to be accessed to the system, including sub functions of equipment type, equipment numbering, use recording, equipment status query, equipment monitoring. The management sphere covers voter registration verification equipment, electronic voting equipment, batch counting equipment and auxiliary voting equipment.

5.Voter Management
The voter management function is used not only for managing the registration verification information of all voters and providing basic data of voters, but also for starting the registration verification process, setting the start and end time of registration verification, and providing data basis for election counting.

6.Election Management
The function of election management is used for the creating of election, satisfying the needs of setting election time, configuring ballot papers and the election sphere and monitoring the voting progress.